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ATP's Discord TOS


Company: The Collection of the ATP Database, AT Products, Ethical Hacking Society, CodingHome, and The Script Community (commonly referred to as "We", "Us", "Our")

You: You refers to the individual accessing or using the Website, Service, or the company or any other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using any Discord Server, Website, File (including code), and access to any other services by/owned by AT Products.

I: General Discord TOS

This section is reserved to the Discord TOS, that means any illegal activity, DM advertising, threats, hacking (not ethical, stealing passwords as well that isn’t the user’s, only to Vi Community), violate copyright, post any disseminate information, give game errors and exploits (only to Vi Community, including game clients that contains macros), hate speech, evade bans, and also raiding. Take note that you have to be 13 and plus to use Discord according to the US Law.

We take the Discord TOS seriously and any minor or major violation will result in a permanent ban from any AT Products servers and services.

Raiding will be taken seriously since it violates Discord TOS (also in exploits), and your whole server/anyone involved will be permanently banned from any AT Products servers or services.

Evading a ban may result in a IP termination and will never get to appeal. Any alternative accounts is prohibited if you are banned.

NSFW does matter in some servers. If there isn’t a NSFW channel, don’t post any NSFW at all. If there is a NSFW channel or more, post NSFW there. NSFW could apply to pornography only, as gore, child porn, and bestiality is completely prohibited as it is against the US law. 18 is the age of consent in the US and will apply to any AT Products services, no matter what country you’re in and what the age of consent there (because it’s younger and we don’t want to promote that).

If you’re known as something that’s unlawful, such as bestiality, or a pedophile, will be banned any may even be banned before-hand if it does spread around.

Any hackers that threaten AT Products or it’s affiliates will be banned from all servers and services. If already known as a hacker, will be banned before-hand for our safety.

II: Acceptance

Upon visiting any of websites, or servers, You signify your agreement to the following TOS. In the circumstance You violate any section of the TOS, We reserve the right to revoke Your privileges and ability to use the server and services we provide.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these TOS at any time. If a revision has a sufficient effect to you, we will make efforts to provide at least a 30 days' notice prior to any new Terms taking effect. A sufficient revision is determined at Our sole discretion.

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